Esports is a relatively new addition to the betting arena but is undoubtedly one of the best attractions around at the moment. The esports advent saw betting odds initially become available on just a few websites but, given its immense popularity, punters can find esports bets on most of the major gambling sites, with enhanced odds also proving to be an attraction.

Bookmakers have since recognized how big of a thing esports has become and its bettors are now being given just as many options as regular sports punters, while various promotions, boosted odds and welcome bonuses are also being offered.

Bettors are always welcome to head to for tips like which bookie offers the best odds when it comes to esports. A few sportsbooks have already built a reputation for being particularly beneficial with regards to the odds and other offers available via their websites and apps.

This year will be a huge one for gaming, with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X set to launch in November. Microsoft will release two consoles, the Series X and the Series S, while Sony is also poised to put a pair of consoles on the market. The Xbox Series S will be a cheaper version of the X, with lesser capabilities as it pertains to storage and output. Sony’s cheaper model, however, will be just as powerful as the more expensive one but won’t present users the option of using discs as it’s all digital.

The highly anticipated releases will no doubt have an impact on the esports scene and we imagine there will be an influx of new bettors therein. At the moment, titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota & Dota 2, League of Legends, EA FIFA, Call of Duty, Starcraft & Starcraft 2 are the top titles being bet on.

As for the best esports bookies, Betway, 888, and Bet365 rank among the very best.

Betway is considered to be the top esports bookmaker in the game. The UK company offers live streaming, boosted odds, and in-play betting among a number of other perks. 888 offers odds on most of the titles mentioned above and is particularly favorable to esports bettors where odd value is concerned. Bet365 is one of the most popular bookmakers in the world and has an outstanding reputation. They boast very competitive esports odds, as well as live streams and great in-play options.

New bettors should take a number of things into consideration when selecting a sportsbook to facilitate esports betting. Reputation and security are chief among those, customer service is another aspect requiring attention while the availability of flexible payment options should also be a huge seller for any site offering esports odds.