The Honk! Fest is an annual celebration of everything big, loud and brassy; to be held over this week in Massachusetts, USA

Starting today (October 13), the streets of Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts, will be a riot colours and sounds. As aurally delightful as it is visually spectacular, the Honk! Fest will kick-start its week-long celebrations will pomp and show.

Marching down the streets will be boisterous brass bands and drum ensembles from various states across the USA.



2012 honk

The party will feature a line-up of acts that range from the “New Orleans second line brass bands, European Klezmer, Balkan and Romani music, Brazilian Afro Bloc and Frevo traditions, as well as the passion and spirit of Mardi Gras and Carnival”

According to its founders,
” These “honkers” all share a commitment to several core principles. Metaphorically speaking, they honk their horns for the same reasons motorists honk theirs: to arouse fellow travelers, to warn of danger, to celebrate milestones, and to just plain have fun.”
Many of these bands were formed against the backdrop of social oppression, political unrest and economic inequality. The founders say that the bands “honk in protest” even as they support several social causes.
Catch the full line-up HERE.
(All Images Courtesy: Honk! Fest)