Indian hipsters who think gyms are uncool can rejoice, because there’s a Zumba festival coming to the city of Mumbai, and the headliner’s going to be none other than Honey Singh.

You can put the distortion from the shitty speakers of your Zumba classes aside; the festival is slated to have an amazing sound system so that you can thrust your hips with all your might! Also, forget bumping into your fellow Zumba classmates (both literally and figuratively), because the organisers have promised a large open space for the festival to run, though further details haven’t been announced as yet.

The festival’s organisers call themselves AZF, which stands for Andheri Zumba Foundation. Started by a bunch of five homemakers from Versova who wanted to “enhance the Zumba experience for their other counterparts”, AZF strives to keep the Zumba fad alive (at least till another hipster dance form catches on; our bet’s on the shuffle), and this Zumba festival is their first major event.

Flaunt those moves in open air and make everyone envious! (Courtesy:

As for the stages, they’ve promised a Couples stage, a ‘Strictly Bollywood’ stage (we’re assuming it’s the main stage since Honey Singh will only perform here), and an EDM stage for all those fans of ‘Turn Down For What’, and ‘Where Are U Now’.

There’ll be plenty of food at the festival, because to lose calories, you gotta gain some, right?

Passes aren’t out for sale yet, but just like every other Zumba class in the country, we’re expecting some good deals on passes, like “Crazy Seasonal Couples Discount With Couples Ice Tea Coupon Free” and “100% Cashback For CBSE Topper”.

Well, we can’t wait to shake our hips either!

(DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A SATIRICAL PIECE (obviously). Every week, The Sherp posts these satire pieces on anything in the festival world, for those who aren’t into our budget articles (lol). We do not mean any disrespect to anyone mentioned in this article and all further satire pieces. Thank you for your attention.)