We all need something different for a change.

The world is filled with iconic festivals. From the legendary Woodstock’69 to modern day’s Coachella, Edm’s biggest prodigy- Tomorrowland to art’s truest friend- Burning Man, or maybe LGBT’ Pride Festival; there is a festival for every kind of event, way of life, art form or cultural activity out there. If there isn’t, it won’t be long before someone creates one. But what would you do if it was up to you?

If creating a festival was solely in your hands. You had the power and resources to make every dream come true and create this magical, phenomenal event in ways only YOU can make happen? The power is YOURS.

While you ponder on making this dream vision come true, we asked a few Sherp Writers to give us their insights and here’s what they had to say..


Credits: befunky.com

“My festival would involve the best possible things in life – rock music everywhere and a huge puppy pit! What more could you ask for? ”


Credits: wra1004a4project.weebly.com

” Mine would have a hippie forest with hammocks and guitars, a giant waterfall you could jump off and at the bottom psy trance DJ’s handing out shrooms and playing their music and on the river bank, shamanic and yoga sessions with animals with psychedelic print skins. ”


Credits: hoovy.co

“I’d have drones delivering food and merchandise to attendees through the festival application.
The drone flies the ordered item to your location with a lock. All you gotta do is scan the bar code with your phone to unlock it. TADA ! You didn’t have to miss a single part of the show, trying to get your stuff. Festival organizers, are you reading this? 10 points to whoever comes up with this first!”

When the imagination runs wild, anything is possible. But hey, who says we can’t make these dreams a reality? Now,  it’s your turn to let your wildest festival desires run free, and who knows, they just might come true!