The additional vocals by Myckee compliment the duo ‘s track.

Producers Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia’s production identity ‘Burudu’ released an all-new track “Zardin Zetwal (Garden of Stars)” featuring vocals by 22-year-old Mauritian rapper Myckee and it’s one that you need to hear.

The song has the most simple meaning of life with the help of some complex beats that almost make you feel the convulsion of the beat. Myckee or Milan is an artist who is huge in the underground hip-hop culture in Mauritius and both the artists came together to pass on a simple message of  enjoying the life that we have and recorded the video in 19 hours on the island!

After meeting a number of artists in Mauritius, the duo played their recording to Myckee and the rest led to this incredible collaboration. See the final result of their hard work below: