The Chainsmokers had made a racist comment regarding the Chinese dog-meat festival while being interviewed by a Chinese reporter.

Dance music superstars, The Chainsmokers, who are currently on their Road To Ultra Asia Tour were caught in quite a racial slur during their recent visit to China to perform for Road To Ultra: China. During an interview with them, a Chinese reporter asked Alex Pall if he would ever bring his dog along on a tour, to which Alex Pall replied, Well if she could come anywhere, I would bring her to- Well I don’t know if I would bring her to China.”

Check out the interview below:

Credits: NowThis Entertainment

His comment sparked off an outrage against The Chainsmokers’ insensitivity towards the Chinese culture and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. While it is true that China has been advocated with the controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival, it is in no way represented as a part of Chinese culture. More than 70% of Chinese citizens have vowed that they had never tasted dog meat in their life. 

The Chainsmokers have responded to the outrage by apologizing to the people for their comment on their Twitter account:

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