Alex Diamond buried the vodka in a water bottle and hit it 3 weeks before the event took place at Randall’s Island. 

Just recently, New Yorker Alex Diamond topped the list of all time legends and we must say the man has some brains! Alex is an avid attendee of music festivals and had visited Electric Zoo Music Festival many times over the years and knew the layout of the festival very well. Well, just about all of us can agree that music festivals just charge too much on alcohol! So, we guess we could sympathize with the actions of this man, but in no way do we recommend any of you to be this smart! 😉

Alex Diamond says he was inspired by pirates when he decided to bury the alcohol claiming it was his treasure. He and a group of his friends pulled off this stint by marking the location of the bottle using Google Maps only to return on the day of the festival to dig it up from beneath and claim their treasure.

Credits: Daily Mail UK

His Facebook post went viral with people even dubbing him the ”smartest person of the century”! Alex Diamond is in the process of publishing a book spilling all his festival secrets, which is due to come out next year.