After exploring the many fascinating features of this festival, the only question you’ll be asking is “where do we buy the tickets”.

If only we had all day, we would love to go on and on about the endless amazing reasons why you NEED to experience Taalbelia. But don’t fret; here are a few of the best reasons by which you cannot miss this incredible experience. But, before we head over to the points, we reckon you will need this ticket link handy in the next tab so you can take action as soon as we’ve convinced you.

1. Diverse Mix Of Musicians And Genres

Taalbelia will feature 4 stages with over 30 musicians from around the world. With the festival’s core aim being to open the minds of music lovers to fresh new genres, the festival will feature a variety of folk tunes, contemporary styles and classical sounds that don’t usually find a place at typical music festivals. From rising Indian stars to Grammy Award-winning professional artists; this multi-genre festival promises to bring together world-class talents, dynamic sounds and local artistry for an extraordinary celebration of music that’s original in every sense! What’s more is that Dhruv Visvanath – a percussive guitarist from Delhi, and Hari & Sukhmani – a Punjabi folk music electronic fusion band, have just been added to this esteemed line-up! Not to mention, a wider range of diverse genres that change with the direction of the sun! Catch the line-up here


2. Exclusive To The T

Being a boutique festival, Taabelia is the ideal place for audiences who crave a more specialised and customised experience. Thanks to its intimate gathering and smaller crowd, music lovers can enjoy the curated vibe and atmosphere. Taalbelia stands out from the typical music festival by doing away with the overwhelming nature of a large music festival.

3. Ultimate Destination

Soak up the sun and feel the sand under your feet as you explore the gorgeous Mandawa town. Situated in the heart of Rajasthan, the stunning town of Mandawa is the ideal place to discover historic beauty. Thanks to its picturesque nature, visitors are treated to a sense of discovery and knowledge at every turn! Not to mention, with two exotic venues like Castle Mandawa and Desert Resort, you’re not going to want to leave! 

What’s even more exhilarating is that these rustic venues offer accommodation too! However, if luxury tents are more your style, you can opt for them instead. Or perhaps you would like to pitch your own tent for a more affordable rate? Whatever your fancy; Taalbelia has it all! You can check out the exciting accommodation features here.

Castle Mandawa:


Desert Resort:


4. A Bar On Wheels?

When it comes to this festival, new surprises seem to pop up at every turn. As if we aren’t already dreaming about it, right? Turns out the festival organisers literally thought about everything! As an added feature, the festival will also host a customized bar on wheels! Atleast now if the bottles appear to be moving, you know it isn’t because you had one too many drinks!


5. Who doesn’t love some adventure?

Not only can you enjoy the stunning sights of the picturesque festival, but the event also features a number of sporting activities. From dirt biking to sand surfing, the posh Desert Resort location allows you to bring your adventurous side to life as you get your adrenaline pumping with these fun desert sports! Oh and you can visit the royal stables for a fun horse riding escapade! You’re already putting on your gear, aren’t you?


6. Innovative Workshops

Learn to play the Rajasthani wind percussion instrument, Morchang, from the masters! Don’t miss the special workshop by Chugge Khan, the skilled maestro of Rajasthani folk singing and instrumental music, who has derived his talent from rich pedigree of the Manganiar Family. Learn another Rajasthani folk instrument, Nagada – also called as kettledrum, from Nathulal Solanki at the Nagada Workshop. After all, he hails from the prestigious Pushkar Sangeet Gharana.


Want to learn to make intricate Lac jewellery? Where better to pick up the art than from the state that it supposedly originated from. Learn the nuances from proficient craftsmen at the Lac Making Bangle workshop. An integral part of Rajasthani culture, learn the art of designing your own kite at the kite-making workshop! How about learning a royal sport? Desert Resort will host shooting workshops at its very own shooting range, enabling visitors to participate in the sport of Rajasthani royalty! Learn to ride across the sand dunes just like the Rajasthanis’ at the horse riding workshop! After all, it was the pageantry of the Kings of Rajasthan who first conceived this adventure sport.


Calling all art lovers! The Mughal-inspired art practice, all the way from Persia, is waiting for you to explore your artistic side with the miniature art workshop. Fans of Frescoes and Murals, the Fresco Trails Workshop will teach you how to create a Fresco painting.

7. Gourmet Fiesta

If the music, art, venue and activities aren’t enough to get you excited, we don’t know what is. Maybe the gourmet delights are what you’re looking for. Be it the authentic Shekhawati delicacies or the fine culinary and unique cuisines from the royal kitchens of Rajasthan; the food from this region deserves to be considered a work of art!

8. Royal Culture

In addition to being a musical revelation, Taalbelia also serves as the epitome of festival royalty! Filled with frescos and tales from a regal era that once existed, this Shekhawati town is loaded with history and culture that transports you to a majestic time. With a royal palatial stay, you will end up feeling like a royal in no time!


9. 4 Stages

Be it the Meera Chowk, Risala, Dhobi Ghat or Big Ibhah; each of the four stages has something unique to offer! Enjoy peace and tranquility as you allow the music at Meera Chowk to capture the essence of the almighty. Situated in the gorgeous Castle Mandawa, this stage will feature the morning shows. Maybe it’s the timeless cloak of folk sounds that connect to your spirit. In that case, Risala stage is where you need to be. Also located in the castle, Risala will feature the afternoon shows on 27th, 28th and 29th of January. How about an oasis of sound that weaves it’s energy into sundown? Head on over to Dhobi Ghat in the Desert Resort. You can also experience a mammoth bed of ecstasy under the starlight sky at Big Ibhah. Both Dhobi Ghaat and Big Ibhah will feature the evening shows on all four days of the festival! How amazing is it that you can choose from 4 different platforms to witness musical magic?

View the full schedule here:

 10. Platform To Discover Local Talent

Among all the many wonderful aspects associated with this festival, one of the best things about Taalbelia is the giant platform it gives local Indian musicians; especially since the festival aims to bring unheard and new genres into focus. From Dualist Inquiry to Divine, Reggae Rajahs to Sunita Amin, Manganiyar Classroom to When Chai Meets Toast; every local artist not only gets to share their talent with the world but share the stage with some of the best international artists in the globe!




We told you that ticket link will be handy. So don’t waste another moment and get your tickets to the residential music festival that has been curated for an experience unlike any other. Taalbelia is where you should be.

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