Deadmau5 will be bringing his wildest stage design to date, and you cannot afford to miss this.

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Over the past year, the electronic music circuit has been running amok with Deadmau5′ announcement that he would be bringing a stellar 360 stage to his Entropy Tour. A multi-million dollar project, this one seems to have reached completion and a recent Reddit AMA confirmed that the mau5 man may just be bringing this iconic new design to two of the festivals he’s headlining this summer – Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo.


Although it’s not entirely sure he would be bringing along the new 360 design to the two festivals, but the Governor’s Ball team did confirm that he will definitely be orchestrating a ‘brand new show’, and stepping aside from his vintage Cube design. He confirmed the same on Twitter recently:


So if you’re headed to the states this year and utterly confused about which one to land up at, this should be a game changer.

And if this isn’t enough, draw your own conclusions by checking out both the line-ups for this year: Bonnaroo vs Governor’s Ball 

(Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone)