Nikhil Chinapa has some quirky yet handy tips when you get to the upcoming debut edition of Satellite Festival, a venture he’s a co-founder of. Read on!

All set for the first edition of Satellite at an iconic venue – Waters at Vagator beach. We’re having a semi open dance floor and we’re hoping it’s going to rain.

Picturesque enough for you? (Courtesy:
Nobody has ever had a monsoon festival in Goa and we think it’ll be mad fun. What makes it different from a similar festival in any other city is that most people stay in hotels in Goa which will be 10-15 mins away. So wear your beach shorts, get soaked and when you’re done – head to your hotel and have a hot shower. (Add some prawn curry and rice for that #winning feeling.)
We’re building a semi covered dance floor and we’ve also ordered a few ponchos you can buy at the bar of you want to stay totally dry. You can also bring your own rain coats and ponchos if you have them by avoid umbrellas as they might cause problems on crowded dance floors.
If you’re in a crowd, leave those umbrellas at home! (Courtesy:
Bars will be well stocked and the pizza oven at Waters will be fired up too. We’re soon releasing daily artist schedules but deliberately not releasing set times. We want you to come by and hang out with us.
Other useful tips:
1. Carry a small plastic bag to put your cash and cellphone in. Please don’t leave that bag behind in Goa.
2. Beach shorts, flip flops and crocs are good in the rain.
3. Pets are welcome. Animals too. If you see any at Satellite, give them a hug. The same thing applies to DJs.
4. Staring into nothingness is recommended. Doing it with a friend is what makes friends.
5. We’re big fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – so bring a small towel.. Thank us later.
6. Stay at a hotel close by and make friends with a local taxi driver (they’re all very friendly and helpful) who will pick you up and drop you back every day.
7. Carry a small travel kettle + tea bags + sugar cubes + bread + jam + Oreos for any late-night hotel munchies.
8. Sleep, get a massage, eat lots of carbs during the day.. Party all night.
9. Do not climb coconut trees at Waters. We won’t be climbing after you to bring you down.
10. If you bring a self-indulgent selfie stick, we might beat you with it. Best to avoid a potential caning and leave it at home.

Leave this at home, where it belongs! (Courtesy:

There you have it! As per the master’s instructions, leave your narcissistic selfie sticks and your large-ass umbrellas at home, and bring the good vibes. along with your dancing shoes and other necessary stuff, to Satellite Festival!