The beach of Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand sees revelers gather every full moon to party every month!

The Full Moon Party started out in 1985 and saw only a handful of 20-30 tourists come together to party. The parties gained popularity through word of mouth and slowly became a staple party destination for anyone who wanted to party like crazy! Now the clubs along the beach see almost 3000-5000 people every month on a full moon. The bars and clubs along the strip of the beach play bass, reggae, psychedelic trance and R&B all night long!

The Sherp takes a look at the best clubs and shacks you can hop around a when at the Full Moon Festival!

1. The Drop In Bar

The Drop In club happens to be a forerunner and a crowd favorite since a very long time! The music always has a commercial vibe and caters to everyone who just wants to party. The music played is mostly hip-hop classics, R&B and dance floor classics.

2. Zoom Bar

A famous psy-trance venue for all those who love to get lost in the total psy trance madness and want to party till the sun rises. The club although a little smaller in size has a more intimate vibe and sees only the most hardcore lovers come together to dance from night to dawn. Expect a lot of neon paints, banging music and a killer night!


3. Paradise Bungalows

The place where it all started. The Paradise Bungalows happens to be the home of the Full Moon Party, still hosting the biggest and baddest parties on the beachfront. Whenever there are big names announced for playing at the Full Moon Party, it’ll usually be at the Paradise Bungalows. Their resident DJ A has also played a very big role in pioneering the progressive house music scene at Haad Rin beach!


4. The Rock

The Rock is one of the best places on the beach to chill out and get view of the whole party. It is situated at the southern end of Haad Rin on a big rock. One of the crowd favorite spots to just chill out to some funky tunes being mixed by resident DJ Kim and also enjoy a couple of cocktails while you’re at it!


5. Cactus Bar

The Cactus Bar is one of the first biggest clubs that you’ll see once you enter the Haad Rin beach. Due to this, the club sees a lot of people who turn up to party. The party starts late at night and goes on till dawn. Also because of the large crowd turnout the music tends to be a bit more commercial but nevertheless it’s a fun spot to go to with your friends!

6. Tommy’s Club

Tommy’s club is where you go to if you want a full-blown Full Moon experience! Tommy’s boasts of some of the best sound systems on the Haad Rin beach. Get ready for a huge fire wall, wacky flouroscents, sculptures, trippy lights and proper security measures so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Resdient DJ Leung and guest DJ’s play hardcore trance and techno to keep the energy pumping throughout the night! Tommy’s Club is the go-to venue if you want to dance away in a spacious and beautiful place.


7. Reggae House

Away from the main strip, tucked away just off Sunset Beach, you’ll find Reggae House. Reggae House has something for everyone dub, reggae and ska music, cocktails, hammocks, beanbag balcony and an pool cave. The whole place is covered in UV lights and has a very trippy feel to it.


8. Backyard Club

This one is for all the non-stop ravers. You’ve partied away night and day and you still don’t want to stop. The Backyard Club is THE place for after-party hoppers! The party begins at 7 AM right after Haad Rin beach shuts down for the day and goes on till 10PM. Some say it is the best part of the Full Moon Party as only seasoned Mooners come out to party with DJ’s from the previous nights still playing on decks, including resident DJ A!


The Full Moon Party at Haad Rin beach is one of the most happening and fun parties you can go to! Make sure you get your friends together and hop form club to club to get a taste of all the local party scenes on the pristine beaches. The party is going to go strong all through the day and night, so be ready for some mad fun and while you’re at it, make some friends too!

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It’s a once in a life time experience, make the most of it!