Satiate the vivacious cravings of your sweet tooth through this delicious escape.

Dessert Garden‘s third edition is celebrating the coming of winter with splendour and grandeur at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel through a pop-up gala for the city, ideal for a sweet weekend binge. If you’re having second thoughts about your presence at the festival, here are a few things that will help make your decision easier. Prepare to dig in!




The upcoming edition of Dessert Garden will feature 60 handpicked stalls of drool-worthy dessert brands such as Waffle House, Haagen-Dazs, Frugurpop, Brownie cottage, Fleur De Lys patisserie, Baking Bridges, and many more. If you’re curious as to what precisely will colour your pallette, you can anticipate the following desserts at the festival.

1. Nitrogen infused Fresh Fruits by Devour – The Catering Co- Fresh cut fruits infused with nitrogen giving rise to freeze fruits served with chocolate and whipped cream served on the side.

2. Meringue Sandwich by Mignardise – Don’t miss the meringue sandwiches by Mignardise, which is a rose shaped meringue sandwich with chocolate truffle filling.

3. Dessert Wine by Pause Wines – Nashik based premium winemaker, Pause Wines, offers a perfect reason to wrap up every meal on a sweet note with something that shines, sparkles and satiates at the same time. It’s Indian Nectar – a white wine specialty and a perfect after-meal treasure to toast over.

4. The White Pot by Harsh Chocolates – The delicious White Pot by Harsh Chocolates is a mix of gooey Chocolate + chocolate crumble. Divine! A heaven for your taste buds.

5. French style pastries by Fleur de Lys Patisserie – Celebrate French desserts, by digging into delightful french pastries that are bound to leave you wanting more.

6. Pavlovas by Every Aroma Caterers – This delighfully soft and sweet meringue cake with a marshmallow center is everything you need in life and more.

7. Chocolate Cones by Dulicia – Rolled up chocolate cones filled with delicious cream cake and soft creamy icing specifically made for all you cocoa addicts.

8. Dog and Cat Desserts by The Spoilt Brat Barkery – The Spoilt Brat Barkery specializes in lovely desserts for pets, like gourmet biscuits, treats, muttkins, pup cakes and birthday cakes for you favourites pooches and furry felines.


It’s a pretty sweet deal. 

For an event that packs a multitude of great gourmet quality desserts, all in one place, Dessert Garden is quite reasonable. With free entry and an expansive palette, the only real dilemma will be choosing the stall you want to visit first. To accompany all the sweet-treats you’ll be trying, city musicians Max Godman & Tejas Menon with Ankur Tewari will performing LIVE.

You can RSVP for the festival here!


The beauty lies within the variety.

One of the greatest things about the festival is the fact that its unique in it’s own sphere. There’s a gaping hole in Mumbai where a grand dessert festival should be. Dessert Garden is Mumbai’s much-needed outlet for all dessert enthusiasts and pastry chefs, alike.

“I personally love desserts myself and realized that Mumbai has a void of dessert properties; As I found immense potential in the city’s upcoming home bakers and young dessert businesses, I created the concept of Mumbai’s first dessert pop up.” – Nikita Harisinghani, Founder of Dessert Garden

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