This Saturday, Mumbai is going to be graced with a bass extravaganza like never before with some of the most cutting edge artists of today. The historical venue that it’s going to be held at also amplifies the overall anticipation for the event and The Sherp can’t wait to discover how this is going to shape up.

Here are a few reasons why you need to get your hands on passes for this festival instantly:

1. Etnik’s musical prowess 


With a plethora of well known producers praising the young prodigy for his dark and unique sound, the German has exploded all over the scene in no time. Signed on to Skrillex‘ vanity label OWSLA, his tracks are characterized by simplicity and an enormous quality which could be defined as perfection. His sound is very distinctive, new and fresh which has provided him a decent amount of regard inside of the scene over the years. A great scout by the LUCID team, who have yet again, drawn trumps with this artist booking.


2. Value for money 

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For INR 1000 a pop, this is an absolute steal. On a regular weekend night out with your pals, a grand may seem like a bare minimum but LUCID has a better investment planned for you. Here, you get to witness 3 top notch international bookings, 4 local geniuses, for 7 hours, at the same price. And we haven’t even got to the immense vibe that the venue is going to contribute. You do the math.


3. It’s a far cry from the regular sounds dominating the current scene


An unconventional yet absolutely brilliant amalgamation of electronic music awaits you as some of the most future bass oriented international and local arsenal have been brought together for you at a venue that was born shortly after India’s independence.  LUCID has always attempted to push the boundaries when it comes to booking artists of quality rather than quantity, and with two of UK bass’ finest and a German OWSLA prodigy locked down, they’ve hit the nail smack on its head. Prepare for something really different Mumbai, this is not your regular house music shindig.


4. The remarkable venue 

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This is one of Mumbai’s oldest and most glorious movie cinemas of all time. After being beautifully revamped back in 2012, the theater has been home to a number of musical soirees over the past 2 years as well. The venue’s resurrection also will perfectly compliment the HARD DAYS showcase which aims at breaking away from the monotony of sounds and bringing out a completely new experience to Mumbai.   


5. Expand your musical bandwidth 

Listening to your favorite music and dancing your shoes off is something we all indulge in and look forward to after a long and tiring week. But just how it’s important to keep yourselves open to new experiences in life, similarly with music, one must also constantly expose himself to sounds that they’ve never heard before. The line-up assembled for you at HARD DAYS stands by this belief and consists of artists of the future, both international as well as local. If you’re game for experiencing a unique fusion of electronic music, this is where you need to be.


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(Cover Image Courtesy: OHDAGYO Photography)