Each year, millions of Indians take part in online and offline singing and talent shows, and many talented people emerge from these various platforms. 

Richa Peter Topno, is on a journey of unbelief and stargazed wonder since her accomplishment of becoming the first Indian to win the 10 Grand Challenge hosted by the online platform, StarMaker. The competition allows contestants to record a solo cover with its mobile app, and submit it to participate in the challenge. Richa swept the competition with 3,69,904 votes from amongst more than 25000 participants all around the world.

Elated about her $10,000 win, Richa said, StarMaker is a perfect platform for aspiring singers like me to reach out to a global audience. The response has been amazing and of course, the prize money is simply awesome. I would like to thank every single person who voted for me.”

In the past few months, we are excited to witness India is rising as one of our fastest growing market with the most active users. We are also pleasantly surprised to find out that there are so many singing enthusiasts in India,” said Roger C, the CEO of StarMaker.

As we are putting more efforts to localize StarMaker in India, we strongly believe more talented Indian singers like Richa will be discovered and heard in the near future,” added Roger.

StarMaker is expanding its ventures and is pursuing a partnership with American Idol, to offer Front of The Line audition passes.

With over 1,oo,ooo downloads every day in India, Starmaker aims at creating a platform for aspiring singers. The second leg of the 10 Grand Challenge will be announced in September.

You can download the app for Android here, and for iOS platf0rm here.