That SulaFest has the choicest wine collection, and an eclectic music lineup is known. But with camping, the festival is that much better an experience. 

For wine connoisseurs in India, SulaFest is the one stop that guarantees them many exquisite, world famous varieties of their favourite poison. Combined with a spectacular display of music, the festival offers a decadently fruitful weekend in the pristine vineyards of Nashik. But what elevates the experience of SulaFest is the community-inspired camping that can be taken advantage of at the festival.

And given the roster laid out for the camping enthusiasts at SulaFest, it would be a truly indulgent weekend, as promised by the cool crew behind the festival’s camping, Letscampout. Here’s everything they have in store to make camping at SulaFest truly worthwhile.

1. Comfortable tents stacked up against the beauty of Nashik’s hills

As anyone who’s ever been to Nashik’s vineyards can attest, the expanse is a wonderful stretch of green, filled with the aroma of fresh fruit, replete with even purer air. Given the fact that it’s cut off from the main city, makes the area most ideal for camping. Which is what Letscampout achieves with tents that can be rented on sharing basis in groups of two, four and eight, at a five-minute distance from the main festival area. So if you’re heading to Sula with a massive number of friends, you can imagine camping to be a total riot! These tents come stacked with sleeping mattresses, solar lights and included morning breakfasts. There will be portaloos, with the option of warm water for baths. The lovely Nashik air? That you get for free.



2. Camp out royal style at ‘Glamping’

For those wishing to glam their experience at SulaFest further, Letscampout has in store the option of luxury camping, where you can purchase a weekend getaway in far more sophisticated tents that come with their own dedicated toilets and hot and cold showers. That’s not all. The tents comes with double air beds with cozy blankets, a cooler to keep you cool during the day, an exclusive charging point and bonfire zone, and a butler who would be on your service at all times. You know what’s the best part though? Wine on the house; including other hedonistic features such as welcomes gifts, thatched roof chill out zones and a sweet 360-degree view of the festival.


3. It would be an entirely community-fueled activity

Camping is experienced best with other campers of your kind, and that’s exactly what Letscampout will achieve at SulaFest. To make it immersive a time as it can be, it has planned several community bonfire sessions which make for a great time to foster friendships. These will be organised in the evenings at the tent city, where campers can gather for a rather warm time, build on interactions and the likes. And if hunger pangs come knocking, then there are the barbecue activities to keep you satiated.


4. It’s not all wine and no play for a camper at SulaFest

If you thought SulaFest was all about some serious wine-binging, then you’re wrong. Because at the Tent City, you can flex your sporty muscles through the many physical activities that are on offer. You could take the perfect aim with an archery workshop, or throw some serious balls during the several Volleyball sessions. You could also let it loose on the trampoline or even play some badminton.


5. SulaFest camping will also let you get creative

In addition to the sporty activities, you can also indulge in some well-mannered creative workshops. Since you’re in Nashik, enjoying a wine and music festival, campers get to try their hand at sangria making, so they can become experts at their go to drink. If not that, you can also display your rather quirky wordplay at the camping area’s open mic sessions. Got a joke that would elicit the laughs or a poem that would infuse profundity? Then that’s your stage!


6. Most importantly, come with positive vibes

Camping at SulaFest is all about the confluence of different kinds of people from all walks of life. The energy is borne out of healthy communication, and synergy. So as long as you walk into the Tent City with a great spirit, then the camping experience at SulaFest will be just as rewarding. Don’t forget to carry that smile!


SulaFest will be held this year on February 6 and 7. And with the music and the wine, you do not want to miss the camping by Letscampout. To know how you can book your own tent at the festival, head here.


(All images via : Letscampout and Sula Vineyards Facebook)