Festival season is here and Native shoes have come to the rescue.

If you haven’t heard of these kick-ass shoes, we would like to take the opportunity to pull you out of the hole you’ve been living in. Why you ask? Oh, we have a whole bunch of reasons.

For starters, Native Shoes stand true to their philosophy, which is “enlightened by the past and shaped for the future”. This is because their shoes are all about innovation and originality. They are the ‘now’. Coming right out of the temperate rain forests and alpine Tundra of Vancouver, Canada, these shoes are made from foam-injected moulded EVA, making them super light, super comfortable and super super durable. And we all know what this means? It’s festival-friendly!

India’s biggest music festivals have roughened it out against tricky terrains. Right from muddy pits to hilly roads to sandy dunes; Indian terrains mean messy business. So you can only imagine what they could do to your feet. But fret not; Native shoes have the range to help you overcome these festival woes while also helping you stay stylish. So arm yourself with these fabulous creations and march right on to the next festival.

1. Keep afloat when skimming down the sandy beaches.

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Beaches have been a favourite with festival organisers. After all, they have hosted some of the country’s biggest music festivals. But even though news of these festivals moving to different locales is out, it still doesn’t stop the beaches from welcoming newer gigs. Plus, considering the calming effect of the sea waves and the sea breeze, tons of wellness fests have turned to the sandy shores. Which is why, you need to be prepared and get yourself a pair of Howard (classic boat shoe silhouette) and Jefferson. They’re amphibious, hence giving you the liberty to step in and out of the water whenever you please. Extremely breathable, waterproof and mondo lite (feather lite), these slip-ons have holes that allow your feet breathe and help the water and sand to escape.

2. The grass might be greener, but it’s also muddier.

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Ugh. Do not even get me started on the mush sticking to your feet when attending festivals in the outskirts. The chances are, you’ll either find blades of grass sticking to your soles at every step, or your cleanest pair of shoes bathed in specks of brown. Either way, it’s a long and painful cleaning process. So just spare yourself the toothbrush and get yourself a pair of Apollo Rain. They’re nice and snug, leaving little room for external agents to make their way towards your feet. Also, they can be spick and span after one good wipe. Want to keep your feet protected? These guys are your go-to guards.

3. Live inside your shoe when camping for days.

Credits: coolantarctica.com

We all know that camping festivals mean unkept appearances. In all the madness that follows, it’s difficult to find time to tidy up. Let’s admit it; most often we land into our tent, drunk out of your mind the previous night and wake up just in time to catch the next gig. So who’s got the time to change? Just slip your feet into a comfortable pair of Paolo. These high flip-flops are such a blessing; all you need to concentrate on is eat, sleep, rave and repeat. It’s guaranteed to leave you with relaxed and happy soles.

4. Sink into the euphoric sounds of music, not the desert sand.

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Sand in your shoes? That’s not new when you are attending a gig in the great big desert, however poised and elite the festival might be. But with Rajasthan soon topping the charts for best winter festivals, you cannot afford to miss out on the action. So how do tackle this tricky situation? Try a pair of Apollo Mocs. They’re made from micro fibres (the fabric of the future) and are really light, trendy and comfortable. Just what you need to take your festival quotient up a couple of degrees.

5. The hills are alive with the sound of happy feet.

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Ah, what would a festival be if not engulfed in the serene-scapes of the high altitudes? Sometimes all we need is a place to unwind while tuning in to live music that sets the atmosphere up for an unforgettable experience. But that aside, it’s quite a task to make your way to these often secluded locales. This means tons of walking, trekking and enduring rapid changes in weather. So invest in a pair of Fitzsimmons and Apollo chukka for their soft, cozy and warm nature. After all, they are a welcoming change from the otherwise bulky, rock heavy mountain shoes.

6. When indoors, always stay stylish.

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Few festival organisers have gone a step further to ensure that patrons are not inconvenienced by the cruel forces of nature. They prefer to opt for urban venues like open-air stadiums and auditoriums that provide modern comforts. So those who wish to simply experience the music and vibes within the enclosure are left to enjoy just that. In that case, slip into a pair of Venice, Jericho and Verona. They are trendy, all weather-proof and mondo lite, making them super fuss-free and durable.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Native Shoes from these outlets today:

Mumbai: Khar Linking Road and Kemps Corner

Goa: MG Road, Panjim

Delhi: Foorkraft, at select Citywalk and Footloose, Khan Market

Hyderabad: Across Centro Shoes


Or, just log in to Amazon.in and have your pick.