The 10 Heads Festival in Delhi will have under it ten mini-festivals that are as unique as they are distinctive! We look at all the mini offerings.

This is an extremely novel idea and aren’t we glad it’s happening in India first! The 10 Heads Festival is a one of a kind social event that has one location in Delhi witness ten, smaller festivals, simultaneously. At the Dhanchiri Camping Resort in Delhi from October 22 to 25, fashionistas, foodies, music lovers, art connoisseurs and theatre aficionados will come together to witness a great spectacle of art, in all its glory!

Here’s what you should look out for at 10 Heads Festival!


1. BandBaaja + Bass

The musical offering with the kitschy title, BandBaaja + Bass is the music festival of the 10 Heads Festival, with an incredible lineup. The headliner, as we announced, is Daddy G of the legendary experimental trip-hop group Massive Attack, which will also be part of his maiden tour to India. The all-encompassing electronic producer will be one of the many headliners of the festival including homegrown legends such as our foremost fusion rock act Indian Ocean, ambient electronica experts Midival Punditz, popular rap star Badshah, Rajasthani folk legend Mame Khan, among several others. So diverse a set up, that it caters to every kind of music lover there is.


2. Foodistan

Chefs, amateur cooks, and basically anybody who loves to eat (that is everybody), will find Foodistan to be a delectably satisfying affair. Foodistan is all set to be the most extensive offering of food there ever is, as 30 culinary practices from all over India, even the nooks and corners, will be proudly displayed for consumption at 10 Heads Festival’s culinary offshoot. Curated by Chef Saby and in addition to representing ‘India on a plate’, Foodistan will also be bringing together several leading restaurants to street food, gourmet and wellness bazaars, as well as a spice fair and a farmer’s market for all you culinary enthusiasts!

As a festival of firsts – food brands from around the world will coming to India for the first time including Bar Barlovento from Ibiza and Maverick’s Pizza from London.


3. Dramarama

As the name suggests, Dramarama is the place where theatre experts, and lovers of all thing dramatic will find their bout of creativity with a phenomenal stage display. Delhi has had a long standing association with theatre, being one of the most culturally rich places for theatre enthusiasts. So you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that 10 Heads Festival’s Dramarama will host compelling stories through an interpretive-dance musical which will be an original musical production. 


4. Compow

Pop-culture is at one of its most susceptible moments as it’s constantly evolving in meaning and genre. Along with that, computer-based technology is also reaching dizzying heights. People who are tuned in to the latest trends will find 10 Heads Festival’s Compow extremely fulfilling. The festival will feature a series of comic book artists and illustrators, while playing host to graphic novels, comics, anime, merchandise and basically anything that has assimilated itself into pop culture sentiment. One of the highlights of the show includes a special discourse with Aditya Chaari, one of the most well-known names in Indian animations whose list of credits include the magnum epic, Baahubali.

What you shouldn’t miss : Workshops and talks by prominent artists/illustrators on starting your own comic book brand, comic illustrations, design and more ; Contests & giveaways to be hosted on ground to create your own superhero, cosplay, draw your own comic book.


5. Fete De Luxe

For the ones aiming for the life truly luxurious and nothing less, Fete De Luxe offers the most delightful aspects of everyday, from the high-end spectrum. So expect the very best, choicest brands from the world of fashion, backrubs from Asian roots and contests to win celebrity cruises. This festival might just get the aspirations rolling!


6. The Great Indian Bazaar

The Great Indian Bazaar will be the most enthralling curation for the shopper and relic collector in you. The Great Indian Bazaar serves a pure shopper’s delight, with an arena dedicated to flea markets as carefully selected and curated local and high luxury brands find their place in the seller’s paradise. Curated by Fashion expert The Cosmopolitan, The Great Indian Bazaar is a customised showcase of some kitschy, boutique brands from across the spectrum like Go Spiff, Loupe, Mae, Patakaa, Sui Dhaga, The Red Box, Zingara and many more!


7. Baccha Party

Truly reflecting 10 Heads Festival’s family-inclusive sentiment, the Bachcha Party Festival is a unique offering for the little ones, replete with all kinds of entertainment that would not just appeal to children, but also to the child in you. Featuring a host of kid-friendly activities, like theatre and dance workshops, cookoffs, and adventure games that are bound to keep the children happy, and the elders satisfied. 



8. Jaadunagari

What will be India’s first ever Festival of all things magic and illusion, Jaadunagari will see a host of magicians perform their choicest tricks, with the arrangements spearheaded by marquee and street magicians who will keep the audience at the festival busy by performing across the venue. Curated by Karan Singh the fest will showcase 10 disciplines of magic with street magicians, illusionists and mind-readers, among others. Akshay Laxman, known for making appearances on many T.V. shows like MasterChef India will also be captivating the audiences with hypnotism and illusions.


So what are you waiting for? Score your tickets to India’s first all inclusive festival experience here!

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(All Images Courtesy : 10 Heads Festival/Facebook)