The Decibel festival in Seattle, USA, found Flying Lotus in 2005, Justice in 2006, and Deadmau5 in 2007;  it kicks-off next week

decibel1(Image Courtesy: Youtube)

The Decibel Festival in Seattle, Washington, USA, has established itself as one of the premier electronic music festivals in the world.  Now in its 11th year, it continues its advance to the upper echelon of live music productions with over 100 artistes representing over 20 countries performing during September 24-28.

decibel line up(Image Courtesy: Decibel Facebook)

Decibel’s biggest USP is its emphasis on discovery. The festival consistently breaks new talent, and has featured many now-famous artistes ahead of the curve. This year’s line-up features a balance of dance music veterans, rising stars, and near unknowns — from dubstep pioneer Kode9 and favourite techno maven Richie Hawtin, to R&B party-starter Kaytranada and beat maker Sweater Beats. Not to mention pianist Douglas Dare and dark techno maestro Black Asteroid. In addition, the festival hosts free technology workshops during the day to keep the attendees hooked.

decibel3(Image Courtesy: Decibel Facebook)

As much as Decibel revolves around underground techno, house, and dubstep, the line-up reflects the fluid and diverse nature of electronic music by expanding into hip hop, electro pop, and elsewhere.

decibel4(Image Courtesy: Decibel Facebook)

With the summer festival season coming to a close, this is one festival you need to attend for the sheer level of audio-visual brilliance that the event consistently delivers. You never know, you might just witness the next electronic music superstar in Seattle. Buy your tickets HERE.