The Sherp picks out 10 of the most impressive music festival stages around the world from the yesteryear.

1. Tomorrowland (Main Stage)


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This is the giant fairy tale ‘Kingdom of Melodia’ themed Tomorrowland main stage. Besides being gigantic, it also housed a fully working restaurant, inside which celebrity chefs prepared meals for the artists and their guests.

2. Electric Daisy Carnival  (Kinetic Field Stage)


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The Kinetic Field stage, themed as the Crystal Village last year, was inspired from and incorporated the four elements i.e. Water, Earth, Fire, Air. The stage measured 480 feet wide and over a 100 feet tall along with 1000 lighting fixtures, 40 lasers, 22 flame units, 15 confetti blowers and even a waterfall!

3. Mysteryland, Netherlands (Q-Dance)


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The Q-Dance Hardcore genre stages never cease to impress. They did it again at Mysteryland, Netherland with a giant Rafiki-esque Baboon inspired stage. The face spewed out smoke while flame units lit up the background.

4. Coachella (Do Lab Stage)


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The Do Lab Stage, dubbed the Big Fish stage was designed by Do Lab Creative Director Josh Flemming, who also runs his own amazing festival called Lightning In A Bottle. The stage featured gill shaped shades providing relief from the blistering heat.

5. Central Bristol (Arcadia Spectacular)


Arcadia always knows how to make a scene. A giant spider shaped stage, spitting out flames and equipped with a DJ booth was one of their most stunningly creepy creations.

6. Ultra Music Festival (Main Stage)


(Courtesy : Facebook/Ultra Music Festival)

The Ultra Miami main stage was a 200 foot wide by 88 foot high installation. It featured gigantic video walls, pixel-mapped effects and dazzling projections.

7. Alfa Future People (Main Stage)


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The Alfa Future Festival was inspired by the futuristic 1927 film Metropolis. It featured a giant cyborg head with a moving mouth. It was also surrounded by over 30 flame units and LED illuminators.

8. Lief Festival (Main Stage)

Lief Festival - 5 september 2015

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The festival main stage, by production company XSENSE, was adorned with buildings inspired by the architecture of various regions

9. Electric Forest (Ranch Arena)


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Electric Forest’s main stage, the Ranch Arena, was designed by incorporating Victorian and Asian themes. It was decorated by LED walls decorated with steampunk ornamentation and giant silver chandeliers adding to the spectacle.

10. Defqon.1, Australia (Red Stage)


(Courtesy : Q-Dance)

The Defqon.1 Red Stage was designed with gothic castles in mind (the design not the colours) with grey pillars and red roofs and ridiculously yellow windows, very much in contrast to the usual dark gothic tones.