If your IQ levels are off the chart and you’re desperate to meet like-minded people hungry for exploration and answers to lingering questions, the debut edition of Bluedot Festival in England is just the spot for you!

In their own words, Bluedot Festival is an “intergalactic festival of music, science, art, technology & the exploration of space”. Sounds exciting already? What’s worth looking forward to, is the fact that the festival is going to take place in the vicinity of the 3rd largest telescope in the world, the Lovell Telescope!


(Courtesy: Facebook)

Featuring a mix of legends and upstarts in the electronic space, the Bluedot lineup consists of Underworld, Jean Michel Jarre, DJ Shadow and Caribou among a host of other musicians.

While the music performances promise to be experimental and forward-thinking, Bluedot has a host of other workshops and seminars lined up as well! From stargazing sessions to a luminarium to even graphene making, the upcoming festival differentiates itself from other emerging festivals in a big way.


(Courtesy: discoverthebluedot.com)

The festival will happen on July 22-24 at at the Jodrell Bank observatory in Cheshire, UK.