With most festivals putting together a show with attractive line-up arrangements, with most artists oft repeated around the year, Nuits Sonores stands out by catering to the arts – electronic music, visual and digital art and architecture.

Nuits Sonores, that can be safely translated to ‘sounds of the night’ caters to itself by combining sound with the visual stand out elements of the night. It brings together audio and visual art, almost transforming the city of Lyon where it’s held. With Nuits Sonores standing bright this week from May 13 to 17, let The Sherp tell you why this festival is a perfect testament to France’s contemporary culture.

1. Festival reaches the people

Contrary to other festivals that demand that an audience travel to see them, Nuits Sonores goes out to the people in the form of city based visual art. Every year the festival invests in over 250 public places, including but not only the market areas, public transport space and more, as it transforms them all with visual art and graphics. The result of this is that the public of Lyon has constant access to the festival – on foot and on vehicle, making it a more inclusive experience.

11187171_10153353073018336_4822558683920724372_o(image source: Nuit Sonores Facebook)

2. That line-up

Nuits Sonores’ commitment to electronic music, especially its independent scene is something electronic music lovers will absolutely love as they automatically discover some amazing underground artists while in attendance. While this year’s day time stages are curated by Jamie XX, Ben Klock and John Talabot, the nights feature artists like Jon Hopkins, Daniel Avery, Nils Frahmn, Factory Floor, KiNK to name a few, along with hoards of other names from the indie circuit. Here’s your chance to discover some of the most unique sounds emerging in the electronic scene in and around Europe!

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(images source: www.nuits-sonores.com)

3. Their defining installations

Art at Nuits Sonores has its own sweet turn, as the live installations are worth looking at. With The Creators Project (that installation group from Coachella) making a bold participation at the festival, the visual elements are an absolute delight. From huge lighted towers to to rings of lights to pass through, you will be constantly amazed by the beauty of it all.




(images source:Oram Dannreutner and United Visual Artists | thecreatorsproject.vice.com)

4. Visual set-ups

The visual arrangements accompanying the musical performances will be each deftly prepared and artistically brilliant, much like nothing you’ve seen earlier. What comes to fore is a highly conceptual take on a wholesome audio-visual experience as the music and the visuals aid each other to give you an activated music festival experience. You know if you’re a lover of art, and wish for a stronger experience than just the music, then Nuits Sonores is your place to be!

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(images credits: Brice Robert Photographe | Nuits Sonores Facebook)