The Sherp, along with Skyscanner, has created a comprehensive budget for 5 of the most gorgeous boutique festivals in the UK.

The United Kingdom is home to some of the best boutique festivals in the world. With the rising trend of people choosing such eclectic experiential events over mainstream large scale festivals, we thought it would be cool to do budgets for 5 of our favourite boutique festivals. If you don’t know what the fuss is all about, check out this article on Why You Should Consider Attending A Boutique Festival.

1. Firstly you have to get your hands on the festival tickets. These tend to disappear quickly so hurry! Also, most boutique festivals require camping and if it is not already included in the ticket, you’ll have to rush to get those too.

Secret Garden Party (July 21 – 24)


Caption :

The Secret Garden Party is an annual independent arts and music festival which takes place in Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon in England. This location is on part of the grounds of a Georgian farm house and has its own lake, river and landscaped gardens. Boutique festivals do not get any better than this. Taking place in July, the party is everything you need to have a life changing experience this summer. The ticket will cost you approx INR 18,000/- with camping included.


Lineup :

Secret Garden Party 2016


Wilderness Festival (August 4 – 7)

Courtesy : Facebook/Wilderness Festival

Courtesy : Facebook/Wilderness Festival

Wilderness is founded on creative exploration. A celebration of the arts and delights, Wilderness creates a world for the curious to open their eyes, minds and hearts to enjoy the thrilling variety of artistry and culture that come together at the festival. A general admission ticket is priced at approx INR 17,000/- but if you want to camp, which is highly suggested as “sleeping under canvas is part of the experience,” you gotta fork out another INR 17,000/-.


Shambala (August 25 – 28)


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Shambala is probably the ultimate boutique festival. Since it’s inception in 2004, the festival is one of the few that retains it’s independent feel. The tickets will cost you approx INR 17,000/- but this does not include camping. A Teepee for two costs about INR 34,000/- or 17,000/- per person.

Festival No. 6 (September 1 – 4)

Courtesy :

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UK’s premium boutique is held in the picturesque village Portmeirion, Wales every year. The festival has grown slowly but surely over the years since the first event. It’s a heady combination of the best of rock and roll, pop, techno and house. The ticket is priced up to an approximate INR 19,000/- which also includes camping.

Lineup :



Bestival (September 8 – 11)


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Bestival, with its insane lineups and quirky people, is the perfect festival if you want to see legends like The Cure and latest chart busters Major Lazer perform on the same stage. The festival is held in the beautiful county of Isle of Wight. The tickets are priced at about approx INR 18,500/- including camping.


Lineup :

bestival.jpg _900×900_

2. Flights to the UK should cost you about INR 40,000/- on an average for a return trip to Heathrow Airport via Mumbai. Of course prices are constantly fluctuating so book them ASAP for the best deals on Skyscanner.



3. Budget your spending on F&B.

As Food & Beverages tend to be pricey at festivals it would be advisable to plan how much you’re going to spend beforehand. As prices vary from festival to festival, we can only give you an approx amount of about INR 15,000/- for all your edible needs. Also since you’ll be camping, you are allowed to carry a certain amount of supplies to your campsite which can prove to be a huge money-saver. Check the festival websites for more information on this.

4. Besides the festival, try to get some sightseeing time under your belt.

The UK is famous for their architectural prowess so be sure to check out stuff like the Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge, the Big Ben and even the historic Stonehenge.


5. Final Round Up.

Secret Garden Party : INR 18,000/- (Festival Ticket & Camping) + INR 40,000/- (Return Flight) + INR 15,000/- (F&B) = 73,000/-

Wilderness Festival : INR 34,000/- (Festival Ticket & Camping) + INR 40,000/- (Return Flight) + INR 15,000/- (F&B) = 89,000/-

Shambala : INR 34,000/- (Festival Ticket & Camping) + INR 40,000/- (Return Flight) + INR 15,000/- (F&B) = 89,000/-

Festival No. 6 : INR 19,000/- (Festival Ticket & Camping) + INR 40,000/- (Return Flight) + INR 15,000/- (F&B) = 74,000/-

Bestival : INR 18,500/- (Festival Ticket & Camping) + INR 40,000/- (Return Flight) + INR 15,000/- (F&B) = 73,500/-

Be sure to factor in other costs such as visa, miscellaneous expenses, sightseeing, local transport etc. before you go. The Sherp wishes you a happy and safe journey!