The extended trailers for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad were two of the highlights of the comic convention this year. 

Comic Con, San Diego came to a close last night with some tantalizing stuff coming up for 2016. The most anticipated glimpses were those showcased by DC Comic’s two blockbuster releases – Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad. The panel for both the movies have surfaced online with the new Batman Vs. Superman extended trailer grabbing all the plaudits. Check it out below:


Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad avatar has been highly criticized since the first poster of the 30 Seconds To Mars star released a few months ago. It will be difficult for Leto to surpass the legendary Joker impersonation that Heath Ledger immortalized in the Dark Knight, but judging by this leaked trailer, we’ve surely got something exciting waiting for us.

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