Security checks at music festivals can be really stringent at times, but apparently at EDC, they were just plain inappropriate.

This is where a Redditor called Baelnoren (real name: Ethan Genz) comes in. He challenged a really inappropriate security check on Day 3 of the festival, and he won the argument that followed. Read his entire Reddit post here:

Were you invasively or uncomfortably searched? Check #4. from electricdaisycarnival

The guards were tapping the genital areas and butts of festival goers, which is really gross and even borderline illegal. Ethan successfully challenged this gross violation of rights, and started Day 3 on a good note.

(Courtesy: Insomniac)

The post wasn’t without praises, experiences and further advice from fellow Redditors, who commented on his Reddit post.

Always remember; if something is amiss, do not hesitate to get in touch with a festival authority, and don’t give up till you get your shit cleared. Ethan did just that, in a really peaceful manner, and got the better of the guards.