Performing at the same time as Guns N’ Roses can be extremely daunting. But for Grimes, it was far from difficult, pulling an extremely entertaining set from her arsenal at Coachella, featuring a few guests and a responsive audience!

Bringing out guests like Janelle Monáe and Aristophanes on stage to perform alongside her, Grimes pulled all the stops to make her performance a show-stopper! Bernie Sanders appeared on a Coachella screen for a second time, albeit as an illustration.

Grimes performed a variety of songs, both from her 2015 release Art Of Angels as well as her 2012 LP Visions. The multi-faceted singer and instrumentalist made sure she didn’t disappoint (in spite of going head-to-head against a legendary headliner), delivering a riveting performance that sent the crowd home happy!

The performance is out in its entirety on Vimeo, and you can watch it right here!