Prior to their new album, Gorillaz have come out with the new digital book for Murdoc!

Over the past few weeks, the mysterious band Gorillaz has been coming up with extremely detailed stories about band members after events at Plastic Beach. They have already released the books for Noodle and Russell. Now they’ve released the digital story for Murdoc.

In ‘The Book Of Murdoc‘, we come to know that the band’s fearless leader escapes Plastic Beach in a rusty old submarine. His lone companion was Cyborg Noodle. After running out of booze, Murdoc was forced to surface the submarine, only to quickly encounter the Battleship Ringo, owned by EMI Records. The story takes a somewhat hilarious turn from here onwards. The story goes on something like this- The Gorillaz star was captured, slapped about a bit, and taken to a secret prison in London. Murdoc is apparently imprisoned for almost three years. He is then released on the condition that he’ll create a new Gorillaz album for EMI!

Earlier this month, Damon Albarn told a fan that the new album is less that two weeks away. So now it’s just a matter of time before we are treated to some new material from the much-awaited Gorillaz album.

Take a look at ‘The Book Of Murdoc’ below!