The new Gorillaz album is just weeks away from being released. In lead up to that, the band have released a new digital booklet titled ‘The Book Of Russel’!

A few days back, the band shared the digital booklet ‘The Book of Noodle’ which highlighted her story after the events at Plastic Beach. In The Book Of Russel we learn that the hip-hop hardcore rescued Noodle during the attack on Plastic Beach, but after being mistaken for a whale and harpooned, Russel was separated from Noodle.

Russel meanwhile ended up being stranded in North Korea and started being treated like a celebrity since the people thought he was Godzilla! But unfortunately, he shrank back to his normal size because of the small food portions. But it’s shown that works out for him, as he is released and sent to England where he eventually reunites with Noodle again!

The book concludes with “The band was getting back together”.

Damon Albarn just commented that the new Gorillaz album is only two weeks away! It’s time to do the happy dance people!

Check out the whole digital booklet below-

The band is leaving absolutely no stone unturned in creating the maximum amount of hype possible for the new album and needless to say, it’s doing its job perfectly!