The biggest electronic music festival from down South beckons you to have an incredible time!

GO:MADras is one incredibly well-executed music festival and they are getting a lot of things right. So here’s a list of reasons you need to attend the festival that takes place from September 10th to 11th.

1. The festival will give you a chance to explore.

The festival takes place at Mahabalipuram, which in case you didn’t know, is breathtaking. Think sunny beaches and a rich history. It also happens to be right in between Chennai and Puducherry, both of which are about 2 hours away, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to explore them both. We hope you devote a little more time to delightful Puducherry and its unique attractions!

2. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and adventure.



Can we focus on their kickass venue? Radisson Blu Temple Bay is without a doubt one of the unique venues in India. First of all, they get major props for getting the whole hotel-as-a-venue concept down perfectly, which is just so great. It oozes luxury and you can be sure of a really chilled out time. Though the festival tickets doesn’t get you a room here, you should consider booking yourself one. If that doesn’t work out for you, The Sherp’s created a nifty GO:MADras budget.

3. It has a friggin’ amazing lineup of local and international techno and deep house talent.

(Credits: GO:MADras)


This year’s lineup features artists such as Adrian Hour, E-Clip, Maksim Dark, Arjun Vagale, Ash Roy, BLOT, Kohra and Jitter as well as live electronica from artists like Bit of Both, Boombay Central, Blank and Vinayak^a meets No Latency to name a few. It’s great to see artists from all fields of music come together to complete the festival’s aesthetic. We love how they are challenging the conventional lineups we see everywhere by bringing something new to the table!

4. A really great crowd

(Credits: Ashish Parmar photography)


Sure there are a lot of EDM festivals around, but GO:MADras has the kind of quality crowd that you’re going to like chilling with. You will find yourself surrounded by a supreme calibre of music lovers, unlike the naive young minds that populate most large scale music festivals today. We know it for a fact that Chennai is packed with underground music fans who believe and stand for music.

5. But the fun doesn’t stop at the music. 

When people aren’t dissolving their senses into the music, they’re going to have a whole bunch of activities to go bonkers with. You can try your hand at surfing or diving, whichever catches your fancy. You can also navigate through the choppy waters of the Bay of Bengal on a Jetski or some muddy landscapes on the ATV. But if you’re looking for something more relaxing, then there is the option of hopping on a boat for a ride around the shore temple.


Convinced? Check out the amazing budget that The Sherp has made for you!

(Credits: GO:MADras)