Head on over to Chennai for an electric weekend by the beach at GO:MADras!

GO:MADras is South India’s largest electronic music festival. Kick started in 2009, the festival has only grown in size from 1000 attendees to 3500 attendees last year. Held at the luxurious Radisson Blu Temple Bay, festival goers will get to experience one of the finest beach resorts in Asia coupled 36 hours of music spread across the weekend with a dedicated after party every night. In addition to this they will also have VIP Zones and leisure activities like surfing, beach volleyball, pool games, gourmet food stalls and the GO:Bazaar.

The lineup features some great electronic producers like Adrian Hour, E-Clip, Maksim Dark, Arjun Vagale, Ash Roy BLOT, Kohra and Jitter as well as live electronica from artists like Bit of Both, Boombay Central, Blank and Vinayak^a meets No Latency to name a few. Here’s how you can witness them live :

1. Get your festival ticket ASAP.

While you can buy a 1 day pass, we suggest buying at least a 2 day GA pass for the best experience. A 2 day GA Pass will cost you INR 3450/- after additional charges. A 2 day VIP Pass will cost you INR 6037.50/- after additional charges. This includes access to not only the main festival but to the after parties, pool parties and the VIP zones and bars. Get your tickets HERE.

2. The best way to get to Mahabalipuram in Chennai is by flight.

Pro Tip : If you book from IXIGO, you’ll also get INR 600/- Cashback on each flight (only if you book separately instead of as a return flight) to your Citrus Wallet, which will result in double (INR 1200/-) the savings.

From Mumbai : INR 3131/- + INR 3096/- – INR 1200/- = INR 5027/-

From Delhi : INR 3766/- + INR 3817/- – INR 1200/- = INR 6383/-

From Bengaluru : INR 1366/- + INR 1205/- – INR 1200/- = INR 1371/-


3. Figure out your stay for the weekend.

You can get a decent room for anywhere between INR 1500/- to INR 2000/- per night around the Mahabalipuram area. You’ll probably stay for 3 nights (Check In on 9th and Check Out on 12th). So set aside INR 5000/- (for two people).


4. Plan your F&B spending. 

While we don’t know the prices inside the festival, you can set aside about INR 3000/- for all your F&B needs over the 3 nights you stay. Known for its fresh seafood, the town has a wide variety of restaurants and beach shacks offering tasty local and international cuisine


5. If you plan to stay a bit longer, try to explore Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram is a 3500 year old town and a UNESCO world heritage site don’t forget to check out the beautiful shore temple and other archaeological sites located across the town. The beach is a mecca for activities such as surfing, diving, ATV rides and more. All these activities will be available at the festival as well for people attending GO:MADras.

6. Final Round Up.

A General Access (GA) GO:MADras experience will cost you about INR 3450/- (2 Day GA Festival Pass) + INR 2500 (Per Person 3 Night Stay) + INR 3000/- (F&B) = INR 8950/-

GA + Flights  :

Mumbai : INR 8950/- + INR 5027/- = INR 13,977/-

Delhi : INR 8950/- + INR 6383/- = INR 15,333/-

Bengaluru : INR 8950/- + INR 1371/- = INR 10,321/-


For a VIP experience, it will cost you about INR 6037.5/- (2 Day VIP Festival Pass) + INR 2500 (Per Person 3 Night Stay) + INR 3000/- (F&B) = INR 11537.5/-

VIP + Flights  :

Mumbai : INR 11537.5/- + INR 5027/- = INR 16,564.5/-

Delhi : INR 11537.5/- + INR 6383/- = INR 17,920/-

Bengaluru : INR 11537.5/- + INR 1371/- = INR 12908/-


Be sure to factor in miscellaneous expenses, sightseeing, local transport etc. before you go.

The Sherp wishes you a happy and safe journey!

Get your tickets to the festival HERE :