Money was raised and the people were all for it.

Not only did Global Citizen Festival in India draw in a staggering crowd but the movement also helped over 50 crore people with a huge collection of  US 3.37 billion dollars!

The movement had over 5 lakh Global Citizens take to social media and, with the help of over 20 lakh actions, call upon political and business leaders as well as celebrities to be accountable and take a stance on issues like water sanitation, hygiene, gender equality and improvement in education.

Since the start of the Global Citizen India Movement, two months ago, various goals for sustainable development have been created and are being met at a continuous rate (insert demonitisation joke here).

The Global Leadership and Education Foundation CEO Gowri Ishwaran said, “Today’s Global Citizen Festival India brought together 70,000 young people who made their voices heard by leaders from private industry, government, non-governmental, community and religious organisations on the issues that matter: Sanitation, Education and Gender Equality. Their incredible 20 lakh actions showed leaders that young people are serious in their commitment to hold them to account to use their resources for social good. The commitments made in response show the world that citizen-led change is possible. The commitments made here today are set to impact 50 crore people in India and around the world – and this is just the start.”

The Global Citizen India Movement is going to be a 15-year commitment to help India eradicate extreme poverty in line with the SDGs and over this period, it will continue its work to influence world leaders and decision makers to bring about policy changes and commit significant resources to help solve the country’s biggest challenges through a unique mix of youth-led events, activism, media campaigning and online activation.

Plus all the hard work will be paid off with The Festival being held annually. So start taking a stand for the betterment of the nation!