People make a gigantic mistake on Twitter but one person benefited from it!

Mumbai got a taste of legendary rock band Coldplay live in performance when they hit the stage for the Global Citizen Festival in India on the 19th of November. Obviously, the lead singer, Chris Martin, gained a huge fan following than before on Twitter right after the gig. But apparently, he wasn’t the only Chris Martin who did.

A British comedian with the same name did not seem too excited to gain over 1000 followers on his verified Twitter account and, in true comedic style, sent this tweet:

He continued to explain that he wasn’t the man in question by changing his profile picture on the social networking site holding up a card that said “Not in Coldplay”. Other members on the site too got into the joke by stating that “they see no difference” between the two Martins. Hilarious!

The comedian then took this following to his advantage by tweeting Sachin Tendulkar for passes to the cricket test match that will be taking place and even urged fans to listen to his podcast taking place every week!

Social media is used to connect people all across the world and it looks like the mission was accomplished for at least one person!