Glastonbury organizer has something to say in response to the petition against Kanye West.

Recently, it was revealed that a petition against Kanye West is being signed, with hopes that it will curb his appearance at the festival and replace his act with a rock one. The online campaign received over 100,000 signatures and a copious amount of digital buzz.

Emily Eavis, co-organizer of the festival, is appalled at this petition at best. “Isn’t the festival a celebration of talent, open-mindedness and diversity?” she says in her editorial with Guardian.

“I’ve seen people this week saying that Kanye shouldn’t appear because, in their opinion, he’s not a positive role model or because they think he’s too self-assured”, she writes. “We book our acts by choosing the best and most challenging musicians on the planet – not by applying some kind of arbitrary morality test … Ultimately, there is no question in my mind that we have got one of the greatest artists of his generation headlining, and we have no regrets at all about booking him.”


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Rebuking the people for the what she calls bizarre, hateful and vitriolic, Emily Eavis claims that she believes Kanye is truly talented and attempts to raise the bar higher with his music. With a statement this strong, one can only hope it gives rest to all the hate.