You know what clogs news feeds once a music festival ends? The albums. The endless photo albums that every organiser, every attendee, and even the guy that manages the sound churns up one after the other!

What ties them together? The stream of interchangeably common photos that every uploader gloats over, with unique élan.  It’s cute, but they’re everywhere. Today, The Sherp lists out the most common photos that one can find in every music festival photo album. It might just be the time to rethink.

1. The Stick Welfies

When there’s more than one, all huddled together to fit into one photo frame, with one enthusiastic hand outstretched to click the shutter, it’s a weflie, right? But now that selfie sticks are the new fad in town, fitting together never seemed so easy. Period. But honestly, these selfie sticks seem like they can poke, or hit rather, just about anyone, in the closest quarters. Not to mention how silly most people look roaming around with these sticks in their hand. But hey, no judging. You do your thang! Or, you know, stop.

virtualfestivals(image source: virtualfestivals,com)

2. Hearts in the Air

Usually found as silhouettes. The hearts in the air during a performance is a cliché as old as open air gigs themselves, well almost. And almost everyone, right from a DSLR user to the cheapest smartphone holder has clicked a picture like this. Sure, it might look cool. Hell, music lover spirit to the maximum, we get it. But, they’re boring now. We cannot stress just how much.
(Having said that, we totally dig the Deltas at the Alt-J concert. See, they’re exclusive.)

heart(image source:

3. The Hippie in the Crowd

You might either really want to be like that carefree hippie dancing his/her way in the crowd, or you might want to be friends with them. Sure, there is no denying that there is something very attractive about wild children of nature. But scouting them out for a sneaky picture only to put across how cool the festival you attended is, is probably not the coolest thing to do. And while we’re talking about cool festivals, tell me what the line-up was?

fun(image source:

4. The Artist against smoke

Those damn smoke and fog machines on stages make everything seem infinitely cooler, right? Put the blandest band on stage, and release that fog and it’s like watching ‘The Foo Fighters’, if not listening to them. But a very random picture of a singer or a guitarist caught with a whiff of fog behind him is really, everywhere. If you want to get some seriously interesting pictures to your credit, try different.

live-concert-Slash-band-stage-performing-lights-smoke-Hong-Kong(image source:

5. The ‘Look how big the stage is’ picture

Usually uploaded by organisers, when it makes sense since they worked on it. But when every festival attendee rushes to capture the enormity of the stage, it can get boring too soon. It’s a music festival that you paid 200$ for. If an enviable line of artists are performing, they are going to be having a big stage, per usual. We get that, you know.

jpeg(image courtesy: Greg Bowser)

6. Hand signs

We’ve always tried to warp our heads around the idea of the two finger peace sign. While well-intentioned, how much sense do they really make at a music festival? It’s more an attempt to be boho than a harbinger of world peace. Then there is the index and the little finger outstretched metal-lovers’ sign that is in every metal gig photograph. But worse is the ‘namastey’ sign that every prodigal acid dropped sports. Seriously, not anymore.

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