Drones are now officially banned at the UK festival.

With the growing nuisance of festival attendees bringing drones to festivals, Glastonbury has been forced to impose a ban. According to organisers, festival-goers have been misusing the latest technology to record entire sets and to upload them online.


Courtesy : hoovy.co

Organisers made the announcement by posting a link to a statement by the local police force, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, titled, “We don’t want to Drone on but you cannot fly over Glastonbury”. According to local authorities there has been a spike in the UK in improper drone usage, which is an illegal offence. Superintendent Paul Mogg said, “We will intervene based on an assessment of threat, risk and harm, but it is safe to say that any drone being used to fly over Glastonbury will be investigated by us. We all have a responsibility to avoid behaviour which might be dangerous or illegal. There are so many ways you can catch up on the action at Glastonbury – be this online, radio or TV, that you simply don’t need to try to get your own aerial footage.”

With over 175,000 people attending the festival, it is understandable why such a step had to be taken. Many other festivals have also been banning selfie sticks which cause a distraction to the actual experience while being a nuisance to other attendees.