The Sherp sheds light on the increasing frequency of ‘Ghost Production’ and its growing role in dance music today.  

Always thought that your favorite track was actually composed by your favorite artist? Well, it’s time we finally accept that this is usually not the case. Everything you hear – from that melodious build – up to the distinctive sound & the massive drop – might not even be the actual brainchild of your favorite artist. Infact, he/she might be relishing a fresh pinacolada  on a beach in Miami, meanwhile his tireless ‘ghost producer’ works relentlessly in a studio.

Ghost production is a standard in mainstream music, and it happens more frequently as you climb the ladder. There are artists that don’t mind rolling out of bed, working on sound design in their home studio, wrapping tunes, and collecting a sizeable cheque while the artists that they are ghosting for claim ownership of records that they never worked on. The topic is usually frowned upon and its just fodder to kickstart a social media riot amongst artists. (which has been happening a lot recently)

For instance, Diplo and fellow trap compatriot Ookay  recently remixed Avicii’sYou Make Me”,  the preview of which was put up on Diplo’s official soundcloud. We loved it. But as the full version surfaced on Avicii’s official soundcloud we notice Ookay’s name is mysteriously missing.  The latter did not take this very well.  Check here :

This is just one example amongst a plethora of ghost production incidents. Benny Benassi openly cited his cousin, Alle as his official ghost producer. MAKJ took to Facebook to express his disgust at the idea of it.  Everyone has their own way of approaching this sensitive topic.







But this industry isn’t full of  insiders.  And if you listen to mainstream dance music, you should get comfortable with the thought that you’re probably being mislead.  One of your favorite artists probably doesn’t make the tunes that you praise them for.  They are more human and less genius than you think.

So, the next time you hear your favorite artists’ compositions, we should be mature enough to consider the fact that it might probably be the work of some talented young chap with a laptop and NOT the artist you so intensely worship. We’re not saying build an opinion about them, but it’s always better to be well informed.

At the end of the day, it’s music we care about, isn’t it?

(Source : DAD)