It´s not always possible to attend to festivals. It takes time and money, and often a lot of preparation when it comes to costumes and food. You could still get a bit of that festival-feeling from home, even if you can’t go to an actual festival. Casinos have tried to find games with all sort of themes to attend to all sorts of preferences. We have tried to find some slots in different areas that might resemble that festive feeling for you who feel like a little festival time from the sofa.

India is well known for its festivals of all sorts, and religious, music and folk festivals are attracting people from all over India and even worldwide. But sometimes its not possible to attend one for one or another reason. The gaming industry have tried to fill this void within us by making slots on the theme. Start your quest to get that feeling by finding a casino that suits you at Gambling Times with the best online casino for Indian players.

Chinese tradition

If you search for festivals in the casinos you will find yourself in China and some fantastic themes from the festival culture there. One example that is likely to give you the correct feeling is Lantern festival that Game Play have made. The background music and symbols are all making you feel that special feeling that traditional Chinese culture gives.

Carnivals, hips and costumes

If you instead search for carnival you get a more upbeat feeling. There are dancing, drums and big feathery headpieces. So instead of going to Brazil you can get a sense of the spirit with the slots. In the game maker Rival´s Wild Carnival you get the whole feeling, happy people, party on the street sounds and the music will make your hips move.

Dark, chilling and spine creeping

If you instead want to have a spine creeping, chilly feeling more than that happy and dance party feeling you shall really try out Dark Carnival from BF Gaming. The music, symbols and background really do all it can to make your heart beat a bit faster for another reason than excitement.

Concert at the Tivoli

For a good feeling of going to a concert and you search for music you will find a slot called Musician that Play Star have made. The music, background and symbols give a feeling of going to a concert at a Tivoli. There are some surprises in both sound and vision showing up every now and then, just as it would walking around in a Tivoli with some good musicians performing.

Go and catch that feeling

So if you really have a feeling that you need some cheering up and get some energies flowing throu you try to find some of these slots and get started! Are you going to China or Brazil first? Or is it the chilling feeling of a psychological scary movie that will get your energies up?