Croatia’s amazing Black Sheep Festival is coming closer, so The Sherp is treating you to a travel package to get there ASAP, on a budget!


With an insane dance music lineup to boast of, Black Sheep has what it takes to be a full-blown beach party, on one of Croatia’s most famous beaches, Zrce Beach on the beautiful Island of Pag.

Well, it’s not just one venue. Four of the biggest clubs in Croatia are going to be hosts at Black Sheep, and here’s the lowdown on where all Black Sheep Festival is going to happen:

Aquarius Club


Kalypso Club


NOA Beach Club


Papaya Club 


The lineup is definitely worth boasting about. With KSHMR, NERVO, R3HAB, Nicky Romero, Chuckie and many more, Black Sheep Festival is bound to be a roaring success and one hell of a party!

With that being said, here’s how you can get to Black Sheep on a budget. (Note: ALL final prices written in bold are prices per person)

1. Getting the best airfares to Croatia

We did the research on Skyscanner for you to get the cheapest flights available, and here’s what we got. In the images below, there are flights to Split and Zadar, but going to Zadar are highly recommended as its airport is barely 50 miles from Island Pag, while Split Airport is 120 miles away. The roundtrip plane ticket prices vary between INR 72,000 and INR 75,000, so book wisely, as prices might increase further when festival season arrives in Croatia.

2. Festival tickets

Early bird tickets are still available, and the price is pretty reasonable too. A standard ticket to Black Sheep Festival will set you back by only 65 €, which is INR 4840.

If you’re looking for VIP tickets, it’ll set you back by 110 €. Also, there’s a 4+1 ticket available; if you’re a group of 5, you’ll get the fifth ticket free. That package comes for about 260 €. Also, hurry on your ticket purchases, because 31st July is the last day to avail of early bird rates.

3. Finding a place to stay

If you’re at Zrce Beach, there’s no way that people won’t tell you about how Novalja is one of the most happening places in Croatia. There’s a lot to do in the small town: restaurants, bars, street food stalls, shops to buy clothes and many, many more.

Novalja’s also the closest place where you’ll get good, affordable apartments so that you can relax after the festival’s over, and have a good night’s sleep.

There are two choices when it comes to choosing your apartments; Standard and Superior.

1. STANDARD Apartments offer everything you will need to be in the comfort zone.

Standard Apartments have the following features:

  • Private toilet & shower
  • Kitchenette Balcony
  • Car parking space
  • Air conditioning

(Pictures used are for representational purposes only)

2. SUPERIOR Apartments feature the best facilities available in the best locations!

Superior Apartments have the following features:

  • Private toilet & shower
  • Full kitchen,
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Car parking space
  • Air conditioning
  • Ideal locations in Novalja,
  • Bigger and more spacious apartments.

(Pictures used are for representational purposes only)

These are the rates for both standard and superior apartments, for groups of 2-6 people at a time, per room.

Location Price per apartment per night
Novalja Standard Superior Min Stay
2 person  82 €  100 €  7
2-3 person  111 €  144 €  7
2-4 person  120 €  144 €  7
3-5 person  150 €  180 €  7
4-6 person  174 €  204 €  7

A standard apartment for two people comes to 82 € per person, which means that one person will pay about 41 €, which comes up to INR 3050 a night per person. If you’re looking to stay for the entire week, six days will cost you 246 €, which amounts to INR 18320.

4. All the extras

Airport Shuttle

There are airport transfers available from majority of surrounding airports, which is a great start to your party vacation! There are several transfer options from within Croatia, and even neighbouring countries like Slovenia. The team of experts will make sure you will enjoy your pleasant and comfortable transfer service.

Just to make it clear again, Zadar is the closest airport to Zrće Beach, compared to all the others.

Price: On request.

Festival Shuttle

You do not want to miss a chance to catch your favourite acts at Black Sheep, so these festival shuttles will definitely come in handy. These festival shuttles are the fastest ways to get around town and to Zrce Beach, so it’ll be a wise decision to avail of these services. There are a limited number of taxis, so that makes the shuttle a much better option.

Why we suggest festival shuttle:

  • Unlimited travel across the island to all locations on whichever festival route you wish
  • A 24/7 service throughout the festival so no matter what time of day the transport will be available
  • Published timetables available in advance for all locations so no wondering about when to catch
    the bus
  • Less queuing and waiting times, because the buses will be operating on a wristband only basis.
    Boarding the bus will be quicker than ever and the bus marshals will be in place to make sure everyone
    boards the bus quickly and easily
  • Be independent and don’t need to rely on one of the small number of taxis on the island

Price: On request.

Tourist tax

According to Croatian law, every tourist has to pay 1 € (INR 75, variable) per day, and this will vary on the number of days you stay in Croatia. Going by our estimate of 6 days, taxes should total up to 6 € (INR 446). These costs will be added to your bill.

Boat Party

Boat parties are an essential part of any beach festival, and Black Sheep has some of the best boat parties in Croatia. Unwind by the ocean, sip a cocktail slowly, make new friends, and bask in the warm Croatian sunlight while you’re at a boat party. Also, party as hard as you can!

Price: On request.

(Representational picture, courtesy:

5. Eating and drinking during your stay

There are several good places in Novalja to dine and have drinks, along with several roadside stalls serving some good food. Taking an upper limit of 80 € on food and drinks for 6 days (to be on the safer side), this converts to INR 6000 for filling your tummy.

(Representational picture, courtesy:

6. Take in the sights while you’re there

If you look around when you’re there, Croatia is indeed a really beautiful place. Its architectural heritage goes way backs, and it’s pretty evident when you step foot into the country. Also, there are lots of lakes, beaches and tourist spots around the country.

If you’re willing to come a bit earlier and even stay a couple of more days after the festival’s over, Croatia’s a place worth checking out keenly as a tourist. So, make it a point to pre-book your package if you’re really interested in exploring the city, because it’s going to be a worthy experience.

(Representational picture, courtesy:

7. Final round up

When you consider all the above points, here’s your total for Black Sheep (excluding shuttle prices and boat parties): INR 75,000 (flight) + INR 4,840 (Festival Ticket) + INR 18,320 (Stay) + INR 446 (Tourist Tax) + INR 6,000 (Food & Beverages) = INR 104,606/- (taxes if applicable + payment fees).

To get a hold of The Sherp’s package to Black Sheep Festival, head here!

Be sure to factor in other costs such as visa, boat parties, shuttle charges, miscellaneous expenses, sightseeing, local transport, etc. before you go.

The Sherp wishes you a happy and safe journey!

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