After his last tour of India in 2015 with the annual Bass Camp Festival, KRUNK released a poster on Facebook to mark the return of the Italian-born dub prodigy Gaudi, this March!

The UK native is going to embark on a four-city tour starting on the 17th of March in Delhi, before making consecutive stopovers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. While no other details have been announced as of now, keep your eyes open for updates on KRUNK’s Facebook page!


(Courtesy: KRUNK’s Facebook page)

Gaudi is a revolutionary musician and DJ in his own right. Having performed at several festivals around the world, he knows how to enthrall an audience. An ever-changing live setup accompanies him everywhere, including a theremin. The producer has expressed his love for Indian classical music in numerous interviews, and has always remained a big-time reggae fanatic, his main influence being Bob Marley.

Gaudi has come to India many times in the past, and sometimes adds Indian elements in his productions and mixes. Don’t miss this amazing producer’s performances as he comes to your city!