Brit superstar Gareth Emery to kick off Sunburn Season 8!

The Garuda label administrator is all set to tour India this February, with a 5 – city tour already scheduled.

Having toured India several times previously, notably for the Inaugural Sunburn Mumbai , the house + trance henchman is a familiar name amongst Indian dance music fanatics.

The tour is aptly titled around his highly anticipated latest single featuring enamoring vocals by Bo Bruce, titled quite simply – “U”.

Check it out here :

Emery has a distinctive production style that has been described as a fusion of trance, house and progressive, and is described by Emery himself as ‘simples’.Although usually categorized as a ‘trouse’ DJ, he has often dismissed this label simply stating that he plays good records regardless of genre.

When & Where :

8th February – Miami, Pune

13th February – Royalty, Mumbai

14th February – Pangaea, Delhi

15th February – FAVA, UB City, Bengaluru

16th February – Shanku’s Farm, Ahmedabad

Make sure “U” are a part of this, whichever city you’re in. The Sherp is excited.