GAMES ON METAVERSE! Sounds theatric right? So we are about to have a digital world full of apps and games now? Reality might be often disappointing but a digital reality however might let you change your virtual avatar.

So what are metaverse games?

The Metaverse in itself is an amalgamation of virtual realities connected. This establishment means the Metaverse is a mixture of multiple apps and games that allow you to be part of an online community while being an avatar yourself. Metaverse has a range from official Meta applications to more familiar hyped-up applications all bound together.


Horizon Worlds

Horizon games is a game developed by metaverse. It has an OS backed by the blockchain and can always be accessed with your other metaverse buddies together. It has simple puzzle games along with the other interactive high-intensity games, basically what Facebook had earlier as a dynamic gaming platform is now backed by blockchain, live, and rebranded as META.

2. VRChat

While VRChat’s gameplay is the same as  Horizon Worlds, it currently has more variety as a result of being the first mover on this platform. Players can experience the luxury of visiting countless unique destinations each unique in a way. The best feature about this is however having the freedom of creating your world, like Minecraft but a 100X better. Moreover, the virtual avatars have a full array of movements and hence all your movements will be noticed. A single movement in your outer self will be reflected. Hence you can call it a 360-degree VR experience.  


FIRSTLY, you should have a metaverse account and a blockchain wallet for playing paid games. A good internet connection and a VR headset. After filling this requirement enter the list of sthe below-mentioned websites

1] The sandbox