Yes, you heard it right. Activision is coming up with an upgrade in COD; where in your players will have the options to looks like apes and dinosaurs.

Whats all the fuss?

The newest trailer portrays the two supper villians just going at it on the caldera island. The plot however reflects that the crazy nazi engineers and scientists have found a way to bring these two villains alive; but in reality it’s just a hypeboost; because who doesn’t want to see these two incredible beings of nature with the mutism of radiation fight with each other. It’s unclear how the beasts will weave into the gameplay experience, as there still is no in-game footage of them. However, the map is  filled with skeletons and body remains all over as if it were hinting towards a very big  change in the gaming exosystem.

The new season, which is Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone; has a ton of new content, although the Godzilla and Kong stuff presumably won’t be in the later. The official COD site has an huge list of all latest tools and weapons, cosmetics, map changes, playable Operators, changes to Zombies; and more all spread across Vanguard and Warzone; with multiple shared and exclusive parts of the update that will pertain to one game or both of them. Patch notes will drop a week before the update.

But this crossover has got players very excited. Warzone content creators like Inkslasher were shocked by the boldness of the event. “‘It is rare that I am shocked when it comes to COD news,” he says in a video of the Godzilla vs Kong crossover, “I’ve been doing this for 10 years now and it’s pretty rare that something comes out and I’m like, ‘how the hell is that going to work?'”