For cat-lovers and adorkable cat video enthusiasts alike, here are some festivals that celebrate furry felines everywhere.

We have for you a list of the best cat festivals worldwide, that not only celebrate but rejoice in the glory of cats. So sit back and enjoy while we walk you through five of the most cat-astrophically awesome festivals you need to visit, like right meow. (Also, brace yourself for some, okay, a lot of terrible cat puns.)


1. Edmonton International Cat Fest

When: May 28, 2016

Where: Edmonton, Canada

Cat-tastic Quotient: Eighteen groovy cats doing the macarena.

The only big-scale cat appreciation festival in Canada, Edmonton’s International Cat fest aims to bring together cat lovers to celebrate cats and cat culture, while raising money and awareness for important cat rescue organizations! The festival just celebrated their second installment this May, with cat cosplayers, sensational internet celebrity cats and a turnout of over a thousand feline lovers.

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2. CatCon LA

When: June 6-7, 2016

Where: Los Angeles, California

Cat-tastic Quotient:  Twenty rainbow sailing, back-flipping cats.

CatCon LA is an expo + symposium for everything CAT! t is a celebration of the cat, with events, talks, seminars, merchandisers, and an endless list of all things necessary to make your experience at the convention a fun filled, informative, and cultivating one, with people around you that are just as enthusiastic! Some of the coolest things about CatCon are the Zoomer kitties, the cat fashion and even cat adoption centers. Click here to know more about CatCon LA.

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3. International Cat Video Festival

When: August 12, 2015

Where: St. Paul’s Lowertown, Minnesota

Cat-tastic Quotient: Forty-seven cats taking over the How I Met Your Mother set.

“The Internet Cat Video Festival 2015 includes a variety of cativities, art adventures, photo ops, and other meowvelous fun.” To elaborate on the meowvelous fun, this cat-video screening/cat film fest is a comely adventure for both you and your kitten. It’s a place where cat whiskers are socially acceptable and not everyone in cat costumes is dressed up as sexy catwoman. This year’s edition will be hosted by radio personality Barb Abney and you can get your tickets here.

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4. Kattenstoet

When: May 13, 2018

Where: Ypres, Belgium

Cat-tastic Quotient: Twelve chocolate cats with toasted marshmallow frosting. On a stick.

Kattenstoet or Ypres Cat festival is Belgium’s massive and elaborate cat parade that may come of as, “wow, Belgium sure love’s its furry felines” but originally started as tossing living breathing cats off the tower of the Cloth Hall to the town square below. Of course, that tradition is long dead, now replaced witht he tossing of a stuffed toy cat into the arms of the waiting crowd below. But the celebrations still include mock witch-burning, with whom the cat has been associated. If one chooses to ignore the history of this festival, though, Kattenstoet is a good place to celebrate everything cat related – from giant cat floats to people dressed up as colorful felines. This festival has become a major tourist attraction for Belgium, garnering a crowd of over 8000 during its last edition.

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5. Just For Cats Festival

When: April 17, 2015 (2016 TBA)

Where: Toronto, Canada

Cat-tastic Quotient: Eighty-six Cheshire cats making technicolor watermelons explode.

This film/video festival celebrates the one creature the internet loves more than X-rated pop-up ads – the cat. The purpose of this festival is to show off the best the Internet has to offer in terms of short and long cat videos of all shapes and sizes while also benefiting charity and inspiring others to adopt adorable little kitties. Also, the special guest featured at the festival this year was the very famous DJ/proud owner of Professor Meowingtons, Deadmau5. Click here to check out their website.

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(PS: To stir things up, take a shot every time we make a bad cat-related pun. Go on, it will be hiss-larious.)

Peace out, kittens.

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