The video is directed by the the French duo The Cauboys
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The Cauboyz duo has always been in charge of French 79’s visual art direction. For Simon
Henner, “They are part of French 79’s project. We spent our childhood and teenage years
together. We understand each other at a glance. It’s crazy to be that much on the same
page.” An incredibly rare work-life relationship.
The central idea (of TEENAGERS’ artwork) began with a young teen holding a flag as if he
wanted to make it come to life. Adults would have wondered what the point was. But the
child doesn’t care. He’s so proud of it, he creates his own world around it… “This image
perfectly fits into my idea of adolescence and its adventurous, experimental side. It’s naive,
spontaneous, simple and beautiful… I yearn for moments like this in my adult life.”
The Cauboyz duo explains their vision: “As the first single of French 79’s new album, ‘Burning
Legend’ evokes the jubilant period of adolescence. With age, we tend to move away from
it. But the memory of the first experiences and the ardour remain in us, as we want to
preserve it. Founding moment in the search for identity, the musical choices then participate in
defining us socially. As an extension of the visual of the album, this music video introduces
the audience to several situations in which French 79’s is embodied by human characters.
Like a emblem, they carry the musician’s identity, they claim it and support it. Music is a part
of us ; it accompanies us in our daily life and evokes in us the memories of an age where
everything was yet to be discovered and where nothing was for sure.”