Ever since the battle royale became a global phenomenon, a vast number of games like Fortnite have been released over the course of time. Players from all ages are attracted to the third person action, frantic buildings and wild live events of Fortnite. If you want more of such fun, let’s have a look at top 3 games like Fortnite on PC.

  1.  Apex Legends

Apex Legends features 10 Legends with unique special abilities and you can play as any one of them. The characters are as visionary as they can be, with one that can call an artillery strike and one that will send drones to heal allies. The game lets you play in a group of 3, with your friends watching your back as you strive on offence. When your team is the only one standing, you win.

  1.  Call Of Duty: Warzone

The 150-player battle royale featured in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer; is now available in Call of Duty: warzone with some added quirks. You can buy Killstreaks, to be respawned you need to battle it out with other players 1v1 in a small cage match. Warzone allows full crossplay, now you can play with your pals irrespective of the platform. 

  1.  Halo Infinite

The long wait for Halo Infinite was definitely worth it. The game certainly delivered to its expectations. Even with a few quibbles in the progression system which are already being sorted out; Halo is one of the best action games you will lay your hands on. The addition of Battle Royale is still a rumour; but the multiplayer mode features huge arenas that can play dozens of players with colourful weapons. Overall the robust multiplayer gaming experience is worth a try if you are looking for games like Fortnite.

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