Replenish your hunger, get transfixed by the colours, shop till you drop or find a spot and let your weariness out! It all happens at the Vh1 Supersonic ‘Super Flea’ market.

The itineraries are set, your arrangements made, and it’s finally time to go Supersonic! The time we’ve all been waiting for is almost here, and with the excitement soaring about watching the best artists perform at Vh1 Supersonic, we urge you to take a look at the offerings of the ‘Super Flea‘ market, so you don’t return not having visited it while at the festival.

While the grand musical lineup thrills and awes you through the days of the festival, Vh1 Supersonic has put together a number of experiences and zones that will make the attendee feel a whole world away from any worldly troubles. The Super Flea market is one of the bustling and vibrant zones at Vh1 Supersonic and has something for everyone. From food to fashion to trinkets and more, the Super Flea is your one stop for all things yummy, sassy, and therapeutic.

Some of the main try-outs at the Super Flea include:

1. Get a taste of the upcoming Pune Social first at Vh1 Supersonic!


One of India’s hottest cafe/pub chains, Social is all set to finally set foot in Pune. The quirky and unconventional vibe and offerings of the place has been a hot attraction among millennials and others in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, where its branches are located.  Pune folks get to finally experience the Social hospitality and they will get to do so first at Vh1 Supersonic! Watch out for the Social space near the EDM Mainstage (Sonic Realm) and be sure to try out the exclusive signature cocktails and Supersonic LIT.

2. Indulge in some lip-smacking Nagaland food

Credits: Greener Pastures

If you haven’t ever tasted Naga food, trust us you will absolutely fall in love with it at Vh1 Supersonic. The home based pop-up by Alistair Lethorn that created a sensation and a craving for the Naga cuisine among Mumbai residents, makes its way to Vh1 Supersonic. While at the Super Flea, make sure you head to Aal’s Kitchen for some gob-smacking Naga delicacies!

3. BookMyShow Cafe

Credits: facebook/bmscafe

Initiated by online ticketing company, BookMyShow, the BookMyShow Cafe will ensure you have a place to grab a bite at any time. From finger foods to yummy sandwiches, you’ll find it at the BMS Cafe.

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4. Slurp and drool on flavorful cocktails


The cocktail/cool beverage connoisseurs from Pali Hill, Bandra, that have been sparking up a rage with their delicious drinks are coming to Vh1 Supersonic to cool you down and keep you chill through the festival. Do try their Lemonade Kala Khata, Nostalgia, Dolce Latte Gelato, their Thick Shakes, and a bunch of other lip-smacking stuff.


5. OD on Burgers from Burgertron!!

You don’t just need to taste these burgers, you need to see it to believe it too! These super delicious and loaded burgers give a man a foodgasm just by looking at it, and you are committing a crime by not indulging in them at Vh1 Supersonic! Honestly.

Credits: Medium

6. Dessert Paradise!

If you share a deep bond with your sweet tooth (like we do!), you’ll probably be stuck loading up on all the phenomenal desserts available at the Super Flea at Vh1 Supersonic! Some of the best dessert makers in town such as, Eskopop, 3point14, Yummistry, Belgian Waffles, and more, whip up the sweet treats for your super indulgence.

Vh1 Supersonic has indeed curated a culinary wonderland with a variation in cuisines from Mughlai to Mexican, Italian to American, Chinese to Thai, and more, served by Aufside, Chop Chop, J Fries, The Cornical Twist, Cafe Arabia, Marrakesh, Kareem’s, BMS Cafe, Koinonia Coffee Roasters, Eskopop, 3point14, Aal’s Kitchen, Punjab Pind, Belgian waffle, Burgertron, Fork the Kebab, Mexican Rodeo, Yummistry , Pack A Pav, Burger Barn Cafe, and Classic Rock Coffee

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to stay hydrated and keep a bottle of water on you at all times which will be provided for free courtesy of Brijeel Aqua.

In addition to the amazing food and bevy at the Super Flea market, there’s tons of shopping to do, trinkets to adore, colours that will blow your mind away, and more! #BeThereBeFree to experience it all from 9-11th February at Laxmi Lawns in Pune.

Tickets are available to purchase, buy here.

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