Did Flo fire from the wrong end of the bazooka!

Just when it seemed that the funny jokes and name calling between Flo Rida and Deadmau5 had been relegated, the two have clashed with each other again, only this time Flo Rida coming back on Joel. ‘Beamz by Flo’ released a new commercial. The 30-second commercial shows an actor with a mau5head moving his hands through the ‘Beamz‘. Just when it seems it’s over, the tag line appears which states ‘So easy even a mouse can play it’.

It seemed like the motive of this commercial was not to attract sales but was more of a reply to Deadmau5’s take on the first Beamz commercial. In case you haven’t witnessed it you can click here. But knowing Joel, he won’t keep quiet to all the hate. He called Beamz a “shitty product” added that the creative agency were “kinda like a parasite”.

Joel even went on to claim that the mau5head was his trademark. Perhaps the distributors of Beamz might want to check the legality of their advertising again.

We are sure Joel is having his evil laughter moments right now.

Check out all the action for yourself.