Every year, this beautiful indie festival comes to life on the breathtaking island of Corsica, France.

Calvi on the Rocks is France’s very own summer island festival, aiming to whisk you away for a blissful six-day adventure to the French island of Corsica. This year’s edition just wrapped up with splendour, leaving behind footprints in the sand and some incredible pictures.

Calvi on the Rocks “guarantee total immersion in music, a communion with the sea and the stars” according to their website. The festival featured some talented European musicians, namely Acid Kid, Dixon, Alzelia Banks and more you can view here.

To go with the transcendent music, the festival organizes fitness programs for the attendees, the ethereal surroundings of the Théâtre de Verdure and of course, Schweppes cocktails and Cuban mojitos for anyone who wants one.

Calvi on the Rocks may return for another edition next year, so do keep tabs here and on their Facebook page for updates.

(All Images Courtesy: Pascal Montary Photography and Matthew Oliver via Calvi on the Rocks Facebook)