In an effort to ensure a good festival experience, and to minimise the risk of consuming unsolicited matter within certain happy-time pills; the organisers of the Canadian – Evolve Festival have announced free drug tests for all those that wish to take them!

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Now, the first thing that might come to mind when we say drug test, is probably one that tests the drug’s existence within your bloodstream – but that is not the case here. Officials have stated that they don’t want incidences of fatal overdoses taking place at the festival, and in lieu of this – all those that wish, can submit a small sample of their choice of drug to the staff who will test the sample for it’s chemical composition and ingredients.

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While festival staff are only there to make factual analyses of the drug’s composition – they are not to make any personal recommendations to the consumers of the same. The testing will commence once the festival begins on the 9th of July, and will continue into the festival till the end of all three days – allowing everyone to get their share of MDMA, LSD, Speed, and other ‘enhancements’ tested for ‘purity’ and minimum damage; fancy much?

Festival producer Jonas Colter said in an interview –

“By doing this, we’re not condoning, fist-pumping or championing drug use. We’re just trying to be responsible, if anything, we’re minimising drug use, because when we tell people their stuff is laced with PCP or bath salts or rat poison, and that we’ve got a disposal system and suggest they should get rid of it, we’re getting drugs off the lot that probably would’ve been done.”

Even though this effort is for a good cause (in some ways), the festival’s insurance company pulled out from their deal just a few days before it’s opening – leaving the fate of the festival in jeopardy. However, recent updates from Colter have assured all those with tickets and vested interests in the Evolve Festival, that the “show will go on!”

Sadly, as of the 9th of July, 2015 – Evolve Festival of Music & Awareness has been cancelled due to the lack of insurance and other things! 🙁