The organizers of The Germination Festival are going to have a hard time getting out of the mess they created. Their lineup teaser featured silhouettes of deadmau5, Bassnectar and GRiZ, none of whom are even scheduled to perform at the festival!

The ‘Strobe’ hit-maker heckled the festival on Twitter after a fan tweeted the lineup teaser photo to the producer. If you look at the teaser, the silhouettes clearly look like the three performers mentioned earlier:



The tweets that followed were pure outrage, and vintage deadmau5. He offered to help fans (who booked tickets just to watch him live) get their money back, before poking fun at their abominable marketing techniques.

One thing a festival shouldn’t do is mislead people with lineup previews, and The Germination Festival chose to do just that, in the hope of snagging some extra pre-sale tickets. Filthy business practices will only land you in bad books, and you just don’t mess with the mau5!