Here are a few festival ground rules you damsels & dudes would want to follow!

It’s that time of the year again! The second half – when all the excitement starts to build up with festival announcements of your favorite artists coming down! But you do not want this enthusiasm to get the better of you. And that’s why The Sherp is here, to save you from probable embarrassment. We have prepared a Festival Act that you should abide by:



1. DO Stay hydrated:

With all the dancing amidst the massive crowd, you are bound to feel dehydrated. And admit it, you don’t enjoy frequent visits to the stall to pick up drinks in the middle of an adored artist’s set. The Sherp suggests you buy a cheap plastic water bottle and refill it throughout the day. Also, it will be lighter on your pockets!

2. DO Dress right:

Keeping it simple and light is a good idea because you are going to be walking, jumping, and waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Besides, you don’t want to layer yourself up in the heat! Avoiding white attire would also be prudent. And girls, we know you’ll are willing to bear the excruciating pain of wearing high heels, but we feel extremely sorry for the feet you accidentally stamp on!

P.S. Ladies, we are aware of your obsession with clicking pretty pictures of yourself, but wearing heavy eye make-up can actually make you look hideous! The sweltering sun is going to wear off your make up in a matter of hours. Keep it simple with a long-lasting mascara and basic lip gloss.

3. DO Carry a small backpack:

It is almost impossible to be hands-free at a festival. From cash, IDs, cell phones, keys, sunglasses to whatever else ends up in your hands can make things troublesome when you’re gallivanting across stages with your friends! Keeping them all in one place will make it less likely for you to lose your belongings.



1. DON’T bring a professional camera:

Unless you are part of the press team or the official photographer for the event, don’t have that valuable piece of equipment around your neck. You would rather capture the moments with your fancy-enough camera phone than babysit that badboy.

2. DON’T Get too drunk:

Sure, drink and make merry! But don’t go berserk and down booze like a tanker in the first hour of the celebration! No one wants to take care of a barfing creature during a jamboree! Besides feeling lousy, you will also miss all the acts. The Sherp encourages moderation!

3. DON’T Be the annoying recorder:

We all love the idea of reliving festival moments and have a compulsive urge to capture every bit of it. But holding your phone up in the air throughout a set? Congratulations! You have managed to get yourself cursed a million times by the fans standing behind you. And voila! You have successfully drained your smartphone’s not-too-smart battery!